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NEW from FLo2GLo Wellness

Mobile IV Hydration

Get your dose of vitamins through IV drip therapy

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IV Hydration: Restore, Rebuild, Recharge!

Beautiful sunset over the sea with a view at palms on the white beach on a Caribbean islan

Build Better Health from Home

Holistic prescription products delivered right to your door

See what Glutathione (GSH) can do for you!

Here at Flo2Glo Wellness, it is our passion to promote holistic restorative and preventative health.

Our core therapy is injectable Glutathione also known as GSH,

a very powerful antioxidant that guards and protects our immune system.

At-home injections are time saving and effective. Avoid making appointments, going into an office, and waiting for someone to inject you. Take your health into your own hands by ordering from the comfort of your own home.


Easy 4 step process


Doctor's Appointment

Start your free visit

Fill out our medical history form and a licensed physician will review the information


Drug and Syringe

Select Your Subscription

Pick your desired prescription product and check out. Still not sure? Chat with an experienced team member.



Physician Approval

Your physician will send you your approval e-mail letting you know you order is being processed


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Start Building Better Health!

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in taking control of your health from home. We offer a face-to-face video call for your first self- injection.

Improving Health One Person at a Time


 Reestablish antioxidant balance by neutralizing toxins that cause damage


Works at the cellular level, healing from the inside out


Aids in boosting energy so you feel refreshed with an improved quality of life

Our Vitamin Injections can Help Support:

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Depression or Anxiety

Weight Loss

Going for a Run


Immunity & Detox

Chronic Pain

Headaches, Fatigue or COVID Brain

Injection Education & Support

Fast Shipping

Always fast shipping.

Shipment will go out 2-3 business days after your order is placed upon physician approval.

Chat Services 

Our chat services are available during business hours. After hours you are still able to leave a message and we will get back to you on the next business day.

Continued Vitamin Education

Visit our blog for continued vitamin education. Sign up for our emails to be updated for our live seminars and more educational content.

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Video Consultation

Face to face video call for first time injection

I wasn't sure which therapy was right for me, but after talking to Sophia, we came up with what my health goals were and picked the right therapy for me. She then walked me through the steps ordering my product. GSH is the answer to my chronic fatigue. Awesome customer service. Thank you Sophia



My friend recommended me to peek at your site for myself. I did and glad I did. I suffer from MS for the past few years. I have severe and painful arthritis and stiffness in my joints, specifically my knees. Chris recommended I look at my labs for something called CRP. That number I discovered was sky high. He then  recommended GSH to start detoxification and decrease inflammation; and later, added NAD+ to help improve the neurodegenerative processes of my disease. Thank you. Like you said, it’s a game changer.


Having someone with me every step of the way doing my first self
injection via the face to face video call, it made all the difference
and made me feel confident. I’ll be sending my friends your way.


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