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Consent to Treat

I, understand that fully trained and qualified registered nurses and nurse practitioners will be performing the treatment(s). I acknowledge that I was informed of and I understand the benefits, risks, and alternatives of the treatment(s) specified above. I recognize that the treatment(s) pose risks of side effects, reactions, and more serious complications. I understand that some of the risks of the treatment(s) may be serious or even life threatening. It has been explained to me that each guest reacts differently to treatment and that I may experience none, some, or all of the problems described above. Further, I understand that there is the possibility of unexpected or previously unknown side effects, reactions, or other complications. I understand that the treatment team will take precautions to prevent or minimize risks, but that despite any precautions that may be taken, complications may still occur. I was informed, and I understand, that no promise or guarantee is made to me concerning the treatment(s), including any promise or guarantee of effectiveness or of a certain outcome. I have read this consent form (or have had it read to me) and understand it. I have discussed the content of this consent form with the treatment provider and have had all of my questions answered. I acknowledge that I have been given sufficient information to make an informed decision about consenting to the above-named treatment(s). By clicking to agree on our medical history form, I hereby consent to the treatment(s), and that this consent is revocable by me at any time, except to the extent it has already been relied upon.

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