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The "Key player" in promoting energy

Image by Markus Spiske


Vitamin B12 is the Key player in promoting healthy brain function, blood cells and nerve cells.

Why do I need B-12?

B12 must be obtained from food the body cannot make it


B12 is known to:

  • Lower cholesterol 

  • Decrease blood pressure 

  • Improves insulin resistance

  • Relieves fatigue

  • Helps with frequent confusion

  • Protects from damage to nerve cells.

b12 vial
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How does B-12 work?

B12 metabolizes protein and fat aiding in fat burning and breakdown of fatty acids therefore producing more energy

REstore, REbuild, REcharge

Start Building Better Health from Home

Your package will always include:

  • Injection Kit

  • One on one video call for first injection

  • On going chat support

  • On going education

  • Your Medical History Form reviewed by a licensed physician 

  • Prescribed products sent by a FDA approved compounding pharmacy

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