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About FLo2GLo

Building Better Health from Home

Our Mission

FLo2GLo’s mission is to help improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain to chronic illness.

To do so, we use sophisticated vitamin therapy as well as the amazing restorative, healing, and preventive benefits of Glutathione commonly known as GSH, a natural powerful antioxidant that repairs all ten body systems.

the world in a girls hands

Our Vision

At FLo2GLo, we’re committed to dramatically improving your health. 

We use the latest research and practice functional, anti-aging, and integrative medicine. 

Our passion is to elevate community, state and world-wide education and awareness of the health benefits of GSH and vitamin therapies.

My story

My Story

South African born; KSU, Ohio educated. I have had a rewarding nursing career spending 10 years in pediatrics and an additional 10 years working with adults.


I have two beautiful daughters. One of my daughters was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that affects multiple body systems. She has experienced 30+ surgeries. She lives with issues of chronic pain to chronic fatigue daily. To complicate matters, she is allergic to several pain medications.


As a mom, it was my personal mission to search for a remedy to ease her chronic pain. I spent years looking for a holistic approach to solve this problem. Finally, I found it!

It is called Glutathione, or GSH. It is a natural, holistic, powerful antioxidant that's already in your body. GSH has reduced her pain, boosted her energy level, increased her immunity and improved her overall well being!

I’m excited to share this with everyone who is living with chronic pain to improve your quality of life!

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals!

See what GSH can do for you!


Meet The Team




Jade has earned her Bachelors of Nursing degree from Kent State University and has had a rewarding nursing career spending 10 years in pediatrics and an additional 10 years working with adults. She has two daughters, Brittany and Hannah. Hannah was born with a disability called Spina Bifida, which is a multi-system disability, endured 30 surgeries and suffers from chronic pain to chronic fatigue daily. After years and years of researching Jade found a holistic way to help Hannah's pain. It is called GSH (glutathione) and she has seen life changing results in her daughter and is on a mission to educate others of its great benefits.



Operations Manager

Brittany has graduated from Stark State University with her Associates of Arts degree which has allowed her to go in many directions in her career. Customer service is a big part of her background, and she is coming to us with 10 years of experience. Serving others and being involved in church is very important to her and her family being a wife and mother of two. Serving others is her passion and it is ignited here at FLo2GLo with wanting to spread the message of building better health from home.



Social Media Manager

Hannah graduated from Copley High School and is currently attending Kent State University, studying marketing. Church is really important to her as well as volunteering. Hannah has overcome many obstacles being born with a disability called Spina Bifida, she has survived 30 surgeries to date. Due to her amazing team of doctors and support she is able to walk and have a productive life. Still she suffers from chronic pain and different ailments daily until she learned about GSH (glutathione). It has changed her life and made it possible for her to feel better, improving her health and gives us hope to continue living a productive life. She is excited to be a part of bringing GSH awareness to others suffering with chronic pain, so that others can achieve new milestones like she has.

Why Choose Us

Real Life Experience

Discovering holistic and natural therapies has been a game changer in my life and it can be in yours too. After seeing a transformation in my daughter's energy, chronic pain and mood, I knew what my next mission would be. My mission is to reach everyone to actualize better health and improve their quality of life.

Please see our story

Complimentary Face to Face

F2G is with you

every step of the way

● Our service is unmatched

● Offer step by step instructions

We are the only online company that offers complimentary face to face video call support for your first self-administration.

Complimentary Educational Service

We are different than the others

● Flo2GLo is the only online company offering complimentary
zoom sessions

● Join us for as many sessions as you like
● Discuss benefits and functions of all products we offer

● Always allows time for questions

Simple & Easy Shopping Experience

● Professional and knowledgeable staff

● 4 step process

● Secured purchases​

● FDA approved pharmacy


● Made in the USA

● Free shipping

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