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What is GSH?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

What is GSH, and why haven't you heard about it?

● Glutathione is commonly called GSH and it is a very potent antioxidant that is naturally found in our bodies. As we age, it depletes which is directly correlated to chronic illnesses and conditions.

● GSH has been around and well known among athletes for energy, performance, endurance, and recovery.

What are the benefits of GSH?

GSH works on all 10 body systems, simply because it is in every cell in your body.

● Benefits include: detoxifies liver, relieves pain, arthritis, inflammation, infections, depression, anxiety, COVID brain, poor immunity, low energy, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight resistance, fatty liver, improving wound healing.

How does it work?

● Antioxidants work to naturally detoxify our bodies.

● It acts like a scavenger at the cellular level, seeking out all broken, damaged, mutated cells commonly called free radicals.

● Free radicals are the byproduct (oxidation) of our body’s cellular reactions and metabolism called oxidative stress.

● These oxidative stressors are the root cause of most illnesses. Oxidative stress contributes to chronic diseases such as cancer, heart related conditions, kidney disease, and Alzheimer's.

● For example the oxidation of steel is rust, GSH removes the rust to maintain the steels integrity, strength and shine.

Supplemental GSH will naturally help restore balance between the harmful oxidative stress and antioxidants while guarding your DNA and strengthening your immune system, healing from the inside out.


Why should I take injectable GSH? What are the benefits

of doing an injection?

● One of the great benefits of taking IM (intramuscular) GSH is it is 100% bioavailable immediately to you.

● Injectables allow your vitamins to reach your bloodstream quicker, absorb quicker and available to you quicker to see and feel results. You get 100% absorption in the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract.

● Oral vitamins provide 25-30% absorption after digestive acids get to them, destroying GSH and wasting your time and money.

How do I know GSH is a game changer?

● Google benefits of GSH

● My personal experience with holistic and natural therapies.

After all, I am a client as well.

● See our testimonials

I’m glad you are here and now know of the many amazing benefits of GSH to improve your health, immunity, and quality of life.

Try it and see what everyone is talking about.

See what GSH can do for you!

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