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nad cream


  • Helps reverse the signs of aging

  • Protects from pre-mature aging

  • Aids in erasing  age spots

  • Reduces wrinkles; by smoothing, firming & tightening saggy skin.

  • Reverses damage to dermal and epidermal skin layers

  • Shields from UV damage.

  • Good on all skin types

  • If you have dry skin, NAD+ drives moisture into the skin

gsh vial


  • Improves Acne

  • Decreases Pain & Inflammation

  • COVID Brain 

  • Detoxifies Liver

  • Improves Energy & Fatigue

  • Improves Depression & Anxiety 

  • Increases Mood

  • Increases Immunity


Melasma TA Gel

  • Anti- aging

  • Brightens skin

  • Proven to prevent, reduce, fine lines and wrinkles around eyes, cheeks and mouth

  • Decrease hyper pigmentation

  • Gives youthful appearance by stimulating collagen

acne ultra gel.jpg

Acne Ultra Gel

  • Keeps pores clean

  • Brightens and decreases redness

  • Smooths, improves texture and appearance

  • Evens out skin tone

  • Reduces acne scarring

  • Decreases oil secretion


REstore, REbuild, REcharge

Start Building Better Health from Home

Your package will always include:

  • Injection Kit

  • Face to face video call for the first injection

  • On-going chat support

  • On-going education

  • Your Medical History Form reviewed by a licensed physician 

  • Prescribed products sent by a FDA approved compounding pharmacy

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